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eCommerce SEO in the Age of Generative AI?

eCommerce SEO Services

eCommerce SEO in the Age of Generative AI?

Establishing an online store demands significant resources and branding campaigns that include eCommerce SEO. There can be different categories of eCommerce stores, and each one requires a custom eCommerce service to get a profitable venture.

Creativity has the edge in the Age of Generative AI, and that is something you only get from eCommerce marketers. In the early days, voice search technology was the next big thing, and here we are after a decade, doing most searches in the old-fashioned way.

The fate of the Generative AI phase in SEO would be much like voice search. Generative AI uses content from other websites’ references to produce output that prevents users from clicking on original content which is not the right thing to do. For example, you have written an article on the EV sector, and now the user has submitted a query, an AI-powered search engine will generate an answer using your article as a reference. Here, you won’t get a visitor to your website because the user got an answer on the search engine result page or Generative AI tools.

From a purely marketing point of view, Generative AI spoils content marketers with easy-to-generate substandard content in a few clicks. Ultimately, all eCommerce websites would have the same tools and techniques to get a higher rank on search engines, so who will get the better rank?

While AI is probably helping online Ads targeting, I still don’t see any contributing roles of the technology in the Organic marketing and content creation. We do have an online content creation Generative AI tool, so not that I am against Generative AI. Organic marketing still requires creativity in content generation.

WIEBEE eCommerce SEO Services

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